12 New Years’ Resolutions – Java Style

One of the main reasons so many of us struggle with keeping New Year’s resolutions is not so much the level of difficulty of the changes we vouch to make as how we insert them into our daily routine. Timing truly is everything. According to research, the best way to stick with a new habit … Continue reading 12 New Years’ Resolutions – Java Style

Traveling with Coffee

The Holiday travels begin as we compose this article. With all the changes in rules for travelers flying in and out of country, you may wonder, "Is coffee allowed in my suitcase on a plane? How should I package coffee when traveling by plane? Can I place it in my carry-on bag?" In this article, … Continue reading Traveling with Coffee

Coffee Talk

The expression “the pleasures of the table” evokes memories of favorite foods and great times shared with loved ones and friends. Humans have gathered around well garnished tables for millennia. For the past several centuries, we’ve had yet another delightful reason to find companionship, levity and comfort around the table: coffee. A long-time customer called … Continue reading Coffee Talk