8 Ways to Reuse Paper Coffee Filters

We are increasingly sensitive to our environment. Americans recycle more than ever, and that’s a good thing. The small choices we make daily make a world of difference. Did you know that a single person can generate as much as 4 pounds of trash daily? It adds up quickly; to nearly 1,500 pounds per year that is. Coffee drinkers, it turns out, are especially conscious of their environment. We commute with our own reusable to-go cups, put the used coffee grounds on the compost pile and even find ways to reuse paper coffee filters.

You’ve seen numerous tutorials online, showing your kids how to make stunning flowers or faux stained-glass art with coffee filters. Adding this simple household item to the art supplies corner is definitely a fitting way to encourage recycling. Of course, it also encourages creativity; surely a good bonus benefit.

Speaking of creativity, here are 8 more ways to recycle or reuse coffee filters. You may be familiar with some of them; while others may surprise you, pleasantly. Try something new!

1) Do you wear dark brown dress shoes to work? That used coffee filter doubles as a shoe polisher.

2) Make your own scented sachets. After drying it out, fill a coffee filter with your choice of herbs and spices (you can find recipes online). Tie with twine or ribbons and place on a small decorative dish on the kitchen table, along with a plant or two, for a rustic look and inviting scent.

3) Making stew or soup? When the recipe calls for herbs to be removed after cooking, place these in a used coffee filter. Tie and lower into the pot until it is time to pull it out.

4) Dry and save paper coffee filters for that summer camping or hiking trip. When the time comes, fill them with pre-portioned ground coffee for the travel coffee pot. Make sure you have enough for every day of your journey. Tie securely and store in a sealed travel container.

5) Make a light coffee mask. Cut a used coffee filter across in 3 sections. Moisten with warm water. Lie down comfortably and place the sections on your forehead, below your eyes and below your nose. Relax for about 20 minutes.

6) Keep dry, used coffee filters in the car to wipe the inside of the windshield or side mirrors when foggy. The filters will not scratch or streak.

7) Keep dried coffee filters in a pot in the kitchen. Use them to collect food scraps when preparing a meal. You can discard the whole thing in the compost pail or on the compost pile.

8) Place a used coffee filter directly in a cup or mug. Add coffee grounds for one serving. Slowly fill with kettle-heated water and allow to sit for 8 minutes. Experiment with timing until you find your perfect brew.

Do you have your own creative way to recycle coffee filters?

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