Coffee Talk – The Best of 2018

Just made a fresh cup of coffee – Organic Healthy Living Blend, in case you are curious – and signed in to this Blog to compose the next weekly article. It seemed like we launched this project just a few short months ago, but upon review just realized we’ve posted 43 articles already, which takes us way back to March 14, 2018. This is a good time for a brief review.

As you might imagine, some topics flow with greater ease than others. It is always a pleasure to research and compose each piece, but some pour onto the page effortlessly while others require greater concentration. It is very much like coffee, in some ways; sometimes like a fast one-cup pour over, at other times more like a leisurely full-size percolator. Nevertheless, researching each article and finding the right words to convey various topics and ideas to you is truly as enjoyable as a good cup; and we learn so much. Here are a few personal favorites.

How Do You Hold Your Cup? (May 30, 2018)

The studies speak for themselves. Again and again, they confirm how coffee can elevate the mood and help with depression and how it makes us generally more positive. The ultimate test is run in your own kitchen daily, or at the office coffee bar. You know the results. In fact, you count on them. But did you know that how you hold your cup or mug also contributes to changes in your brain, and ultimately in your mood and attitude?(…)

Raw Sugar or Brown Sugar? (June 13, 2018)

Today’s health conscious coffee drinkers prefer pure, natural sugar. But which natural sugar is best? Speaking strictly of sugar and setting aside maple syrup and honey for a moment, let’s examine the true nature of raw sugar, cane sugar and brown sugar and how each complements your coffee in its own unique way (…)

How to Make Keto Coffee (August 15, 2018)

Bulletproof Coffee has been the talk of the town for a couple of years. In case you have not heard yet, this is coffee that is made with butter instead of milk or cream, and we must say it is something you must experience once in your lifetime. There are no words. But we digress, ever so slightly. If you’ve had Bulletproof Coffee, then you’ve had Keto Coffee. Well, at least one expression of it. There is more (…)

110 Years of Paper Filters (October 31, 2018)

The paper coffee filter revolutionized coffee brewing history and it all happened in a small Dresden, Germany apartment in 1906. Coffee was already a household name by then. After all, it had been widely traded and consumed in the entire world since the 6th century BCE, but there were a couple of persistently irritating aspects to the brewing and sipping ritual, for anyone noticing such things: coffee grounds in the cup and the impossible to clean cloth filters (…)

15 Ways to Recycle Coffee in 2019 (December 5, 2018)

From ambitious programs to small-scale endeavors, there are thousands of ways to make everyday choices that are kinder to us personally and to the world at large. Coffee plays a two-fold role in this endeavor, as it is often around a shared coffee pot that we discuss our hopes for each other and for the world, and the coffee grounds provide a natural way to get creative around the house and garden with small actions for personal and earth health (…)

As always, thank you for reading us!

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