Raw Sugar or Brown Sugar?

Today’s health conscious coffee drinkers prefer pure, natural sugar. But which natural sugar is best? Speaking strictly of sugar and setting aside maple syrup and honey for a moment, let’s examine the true nature of raw sugar, cane sugar and brown sugar and how each complements your coffee in its own unique way.

Raw sugar and brown sugar are more closely related than we imagine. Raw sugar simply contains some of the original molasses from the refining process. Brown sugar, technically, is raw sugar with molasses added back at the end of the refining process to darken it and add the characteristic moisture and flavor we all recognize and love. The more molasses is added back, the darker the sugar and the deeper the flavor. Light brown sugar is about 3.5% molasses. Dark sugar usually around 6.5%.

Note that all sugars begin with the extraction of juices from sugarcane. But while all non-sugar components are extracted from the juices to obtain the dry, fully refined crystals of white sugar (even when manufacturing brown sugar, as mentioned above), raw sugar is only filtered, evaporated and spun. It is the least refined sugar.

Sweeten with Raw Sugar for a pleasing, light flavor. Brown sugar is moister and provide deeper sweet notes. It is an ideal choice of sweetener to add richness to your brew if you do not use dairy or creamers. Raw sugar is especially suited to a good, strong-brewed dark roast or Espresso.

If you normally use white sugar, try brown or raw sugar on occasion and really pay attention to the sensations as you sip. Raw and brown sugar truly add a natural touch to a good coffee.

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