Can Coffee Really Help You Lose Weight?

Yes, coffee can help you lose weight, but not quite as you might expect.

Weight management is a very personal venture. Indeed, you might say that it is, at its best, a sized-to-fit endeavor. Different strategies for different people. By now, we all understand that there is really no right or wrong way. It is a matter of exploration, defining one’s own goals and finding a lifestyle plan that suits goals, abilities and temperament.

Whoo! Don’t you just feel like brewing a fresh cup of coffee to sit and ponder the course ahead? As a matter of fact, research suggests that those who take the time to sit and ponder all aspects of their physical health, as opposed to jumping into a new routine after a sudden decision to make changes, are more than twice as likely to be successful with their new plans, and to maintain a healthy weight should this be one of their goals.

This is because when we take the time to examine our motivations and acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses, we are starting from a place of honesty and, thus, a place of strength.

So then, what of using coffee to lose weight?

First, let’s be honest. The notion that coffee works by increasing metabolism has been shown to be unreliable. However, coffee can be used as a healthy alternative to those mid-day snacks that trip your healthy lifestyle goals. Reach for a good decaf and a few minutes with a favorite, uplifting magazine instead of a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. What about the sweetener? Skip it. You’ll find that a truly good coffee does not need it.

Another worthy point to consider is to try to avoid using coffee solely as a pick-me-up. All the more reason to integrate a good exercise regimen in your weekly activities. Let movement be your fuel. That, and sensible foods. Then, you will not reach for coffee (and possibly also a treat) because you feel depleted. Instead, you will savor a good coffee in lieu of an undesirable treat, and for the benefit of its aromatic and even sensual qualities.

We raise our cup to you!

2 thoughts on “Can Coffee Really Help You Lose Weight?

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