Is There Really More Cholesterol in French Press Coffee?

You may have heard that there is more cholesterol in French Press coffee. As with any food and beverage news these days, you may wonder about the accuracy of this statement, not to mention secretly hope it is absolutely untrue.

Truth be told, cholesterol is present in coffee’s natural oils; all coffee that is. Indeed, it is one of the many components responsible for coffee’s best qualities. Rest assured, however. Our perception of the term cholesterol may be more harmful than the thing itself. True, it is found in unfiltered coffee, but this does not mean we can’t think out of the pot and apply simple strategies to outwit it.

Any brewing method that does not use a filter allows more oils to end up in your cup. But you can still enjoy a low cholesterol brew. Here’s how:

Brew your coffee as desired in that beautiful glass French Press that allows you to become mesmerized by the golden perfection of the brew. And what a wonderful ritual that is. But we digress… Allow an extra minute or two before serving and pour  through a cloth filter, directly over your cup. Your coffee will still retain some of the filter-less richness, minus the extra cholesterol.

Notice that a cloth filter truly works best for this.

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