How to Reheat Coffee

We all know that stove-top re-heated coffee does not taste very good, but that is not necessarily always true. There is good science to this madness, and sometimes good science is as easy as a simple change of strategy. Same tools; new approach.

And what of the microwave? You might ask. Well, for one thing, ever noticed how fast foods and beverages warmed in the microwave cool down? But now that you mention it, the same trick we use to reheat on stove top also works in the microwave. Here it is: Re-heat only half the remaining coffee.

The heated half warms up the entire brew; the untouched half preserves the flavor qualities. Best of both worlds.

Keep this in mind: Coffee beans lose some of their natural oils and aromas during the roasting process. What is left is delectable, but further diminished with every reheat, regardless of your method. However, a truly fresh and meticulously roasted coffee is more likely to sustain this repeated temperature roller coaster.

The best way to reheat coffee is on the stove top, at low setting. Pour only half of what’s left in your cup in a pot and heat slowly. This is a good opportunity to stop and contemplate all the little pleasures or blessings that have popped up in your day so far. It’s a most worthy meditation.

If there’s coffee left in the pot, only heat the amount you need to top off your cup.

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