How to Make a Cappuccino With a French Press

Use your French Press to make a cappuccino at home. It’s so easy a child can do it. In fact, you can use the same method to make frothy milk for their hot chocolate.

The operative word here is “frugal.” Being frugal is more than just about making do and saving money. Creativity is at the very root of it. At a time when parlor tricks were the entertainment of the evening, watching you make cappuccino with a French press would have been the highlight of your guests’ day and the talk of the town. Times change, but the human spirit doesn’t. We love playful solutions to everyday challenges and we love conversation with good friends over a meal and warm beverage. Let’s make cappuccino.

First, make and pour your favorite coffee. We like to use a strong brew for a good cappuccino. Sumatra Mandheling and Organic French Roast are among our favorite coffees to garnish with frothy milk.

Then, simply pour stove-top warmed milk (not boiled) directly in the empty French Press. You see where this is going. Briskly move the “plunger” up and down to air the milk. Gently pour over your coffee and enjoy with a good book, in good company or while gazing out a window at a peaceful scenery.

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