How to Fix Bitter Coffee

Bitter Coffee? If you purchase fresh-roasted, high-quality coffee beans, a bitter cup will usually be due to your equipment or method. But please do not take this personally. Brewing a great cup is an art, and every art is honed with a bit of fine-tuning. This, after all, is part of the coffee experience. Dive in.

Use these 4 simple strategies to narrow down the cause of your bitter cup. Try one variation at a time over the next 4 days, without compounding the changes. Also, make sure you use the same coffee, from the same bag. This is a true coffee lover’s experiment. Our method must be impeccable.

Day 1 – Clean your brewing equipment, thoroughly.

Day 2 – Reduce the amount of grounds you use by a teaspoon or so.

Day 3 – Use a slightly coarser grind.

Day 4 – Reduce brewing time by 1 to 2 minutes.

In the course of this experiment, you may find that it is time to try a different coffee. Do not dismiss this realization. You are on the right track to discovering a truly cherished brew. As you might imagine, coffees from different roasters may exhibit different qualities in your cup. Likewise, coffees from different regions of the world offer variations in sweetness, bitterness, aroma and underlying flavor. Whether coffee berries are grown at high or low elevations, sea-side or inland, has a significant impact on the attributes that develop in the beans.

Visit our What Does This Coffee Taste Like page, on the Brown & Jenkins Website, for inspiration in your search for your “soul mate” coffee. There, you will find a n easy to follow flavor profile description for all the Single Origin Coffees we carry. Don’t be surprise if you find an affinity for more than one type of bean. Exploration expands the palate.

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